Welcome to BoomerTunes, a concert series of original songs and classics about us Baby Boomers.

Introducing BOOMER POWER, a show that explores the Baby Boomer experience through original music, comedy and satire. 

As if being a child of the sixties isn't enough, navigating these digitally driven, smart phone fueled, social media mania times has provided more than enough inspiration for the show.

Boomer Power is available to for your fund-raiser, group gathering, organizational function, convention, retirement community event, and yes even in your own home (House Concerts are a blast!).

You've probably guessed by now, it's pretty much a fun (some say uplifting) show that revels in our mutually shared Boomer experiences with songs like; Gettin' Old Ain't for Sissies, Prescription Drugs, Says Who?, Honey Do List, Assisted living, Re-Tired and many more. No to mention a bunch of familiar classics

The show is plucked from the mind of Billy Mitchell, veteran (what else) singer songwriter who has recorded 5 CDs including "Boomer Power" (see our Bio and Music page for details).
Feel good about your vintage! Let Boomer Power work its magic for you and yours. Or at least sign up for the email list, follow our blog, like our Facebook page, be social and keep in touch.

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